Stones of Life

Artist Sunaryo and the Wot Batu stone bridge in Bandung, Indonesia. Photo by Ahmad Zamroni

Sunaryo’s “Wot Batu” is the crowning achievement of a noted artist.
For the past three years, the renowned artist Sunaryo Soetono, 72, has devoted most of his time and energy to gardening. However it’s not a typical garden, as it’s a garden made of stones, from pebbles all the way to rocks weighing up to 13 tonnes. Sunaryo called it “Wot Batu” Continue reading

Torajan Funeral Ceremony

BOCAH. Dua orang bocah dengan serius menyaksikan acara pemotongan kerbo atau matinggoro dari jendela tongkonan.

Funeral, Toraja, Indonesia

“On a hot afternoon in a dusty, dry field, many rows of water buffalo are standing together patiently in the sun.  With his left hand holding the first buffalo in the row by a short rope and his right hand softly stroking its head, a young Torajan with a broad bladed knife tucked into his waistband prepares himself for the ritual slaughter. Hundreds of guests and villagers are milling around but the rowdy crowd suddenly goes completely quiet. No one moves. All eyes are on the young man stroking the buffalo’s head. With lightning speed he pulls the broad blade from its sheath and slices down across the water buffalo’s neck. A split second later blood spurts fr om the wound and the buffalo sinks to its knees and falls over. This sequence repeats itself until all the water-buffalo have been sacrificed and the dry, dusty soil is soaked red with blood. Sometimes hundreds of water buffalo are slaughtered at a single funeral ceremony. The Torajans believe that the spirit of the sacrificed animal will accompany the soul on its long journey to heaven, passing thousands of mountains and valleys. This is a piece of story from the most important in Toraja’s tradition that is the funeral ceremony. A Ceremony is held to deliver soul spirit to Puya (the spirit world), the heaven for Aluk Tadolo followers…”

Tana Toraja is a name of town located in South Sulawesi, around 300 km northern  of Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi. Tana Toraja is a land of green rice terraces bed blood – red soils, steep granite outcrops and forested mountains. Tana Toraja is being a tourism destination in Sulawesi because of not only its natural beauty, but also its rich culture.  One of the most attractive Toraja’s culture is funeral ceremony. Continue reading

Jatuh Rinduku akan Sumba

Kawanan kuda berlaraian di padang sabana di daerah Wairinding, Sumba Timur.

“Rinduku pada Sumba adalah rindu padang-padang terbuka. Di mana matahari bagai bola api, cuaca kering dan ternak melenguh. Rinduku pada Sumba adalah rindu seribu ekor kuda. Yang turun menggemuruh di kaki bukit-bukit yang jauh.

Barangkali sepenggal bait puisi karya Taufik Ismail berjudul “Beri Daku Sumba” tersebut, seakan tepat sekali menggambarkan apa yang saya rasakan. Padang yang menghijau setelah musim penghujan dan kawanan kuda yang gesit berlarian, membuat saya jatuh rindu, hanya cukup di hari pertama saya mengenalnya. Tentu, saya bukanlah orang pertama, barang kali keseribu sekian atau kesejuta sekian dari orang yang mengalami perasaan yang sama akan Sumba.

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Lamborghini Bali Bull Run 3

Lamborghini Bull Run 3

Lamborghini Jakarta did its third annual touring event in Bali. The event brought together more than 50 Lamborghini owners and their cars from across the country. This year, the event offered 450 km of driving, such as a trip to Singaraja where drivers could enjoy twisty roads and smooth asphalt. After the daily outings, Lamborghini owners were rewarded with exclusive fun such as dance from renowned DJ Dash Berlin. For CSR, the club also donated a total of Rp 160 million to three villages, a new trash truck to the local governor and funded several elementary schools. Continue reading

ForbesLife Indonesia Launch Issue

1 2014 FL Autumn 1

Since 1917, Forbes has inspired its readers to celebrate the rewards of success by honoring the finest products, destinations and experiences that unearth true luxury. Just as Forbes has always inspired success, ForbesLife is devoted to enjoying it. Whether it’s exotic travel, stylish clothing, or dream cars and homes, the magazine celebrates the places, products, and experiences that define life at its best. What distinguishes ForbesLife from other luxury lifestyle brands is the unparalleled access it provides to the thought leaders and tastemakers who reveal their private passions.

In October 2014, Forbes Indonesia publisher launch a new lifestyle magazine Forbes Life Indonesia . In this launch issue we present a fine blend of content, such Continue reading

The Abarth 595

ahmadzamroni-Abarth IMG_9240

Good things come in small pack- ages, and Fiat’s Abarth 595 Turismo Martini is a case in point. While there are other Turismo models of the Abarth, the Martini version has custom Martini Racing stripes on the side. This car is a pimped up version of the Fiat 500 sports model, and the dif- ferences are striking, such as quad exhaust pipes, a bigger wing spoiler and bigger 17 inch wheels. One of the most important design cues is the Abarth scorpion badge on the side of the car. Continue reading

The Beauty of Smartphone Photography

Screen shot 2012-07-19 at 12.29.05 PM

Captured moment: A photo by Forbes Indonesia photo editor Ahmad “Roni” Zamroni, one of four photojournalists behind the recently launched smartphone photography book NESW. Courtesy of Ahmad Zamroni

Captured moment: A photo by Forbes Indonesia photo editor Ahmad “Roni” Zamroni, one of four photojournalists behind the recently launched smartphone photography book NESW. Courtesy of Ahmad Zamroni



Warning death knells tolled for quality photojournalism when major US newspaper Chicago Sun-Times replaced its entire photography staff with iPhone-wielding reporters in May last year.

But for Dita Alangkara, Associated Press chief photographer for Indonesia, trading his high-precision DSLR camera for an iPhone recalls the adrenaline-fuelled early days on the job — before the deadline and technical demands of newsgathering turned photography into mechanical point-and-shoot.

Shooting with a cell phone camera is akin to discovering a new toy, says Dita, as its limitations — slower shutter response, lower resolution and absence of long-range lenses — ups the creative and technical ante.

He is one of four photojournalists behind the recently launched smartphone photography book NESW (short for North East South West) along with Kompas daily photographer Yuniadhi Agung; Mast Irham, European Pressphoto Agency’s chief photographer for Indonesia; and Forbes Indonesia photo editor Ahmad “Roni” Zamroni.
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SE Asia Live, Interview with Jakarta Based Photographer, Ahmad Zamroni.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.01.36 PM

SE Asia Live
NESW Photo Book Taken Entirely using a Camera Phone: Interview with Jakarta Based Photographer, Ahmad Zamroni.


Tell us about NESW.  What specific theme or idea did you wanted to convey with NESW and what motivated you to pursue it? Explain the significance of the title NESW.

The title North, East, South, West was chosen to represent us: Ahmad Zamroni (Forbes Indonesia Photo Editor), Dita Alangkara (Chief Photographer of AP Indonesia), Yuniadhi Agung (Kompas Daily Photographer) and Mast Irham (Chief Photographer, EPA Indonesia); whom all work as a photojournalist and have a different style in communicating through photography.  The title is also a cardinal sign that symbolizes guidance to those seeking directions.  We aim not to differentiate one another, but rather to compliment each other.  Ultimately, we wanted to show that every photograph is personal which could be created by anyone and anytime freely.


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